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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                  ACT m
Better he were. His shoulder is knocked to a bag of splinters. As Sir David was wounded, Sir John was anxious that the right should not give way, and went forward to keep it firm.
FIRST STRAGGLER He didn't keepjyw firm, howsomever.
SECOND STRAGGLER Nor you, for that matter.
Well, 'twas a serious place for a man with no priming-horn, and a character to lose, so I judged it best to fall to the rear by lying down. A man can't fight by the regulations without his priming-horn, ,and I am none of your slovenly anyhow fighters.
'Nation, having dropped my flint-pouch, I was the same. If you'd had your priming-horn, and I my flints, mind ye, we should have been there now ? Then, forty-whory, that we are not is the fault o' Government for not supplying new ones from the reserve!
FIRST STRAGGLER What did he say as he led us on ?
" Forty-second, remember Egypt! " I heard it witft my own ears. Yes, that was his strict testament.